JBL Endurance Jump Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Exactly what makes combine of sports headphones the right ones differs from person to person, a principle JBL has clearly embraced with the launch of its Endurance vary. There ar 3 sets of wireless headphones to select from – Sprint (£44.99), Jump (£69.99) and Dive (£89.99) – with tiny variations between the trio.

The entire Endurance vary is pretty low-cost for wireless headphones, and also the Sprint and Jump headphones even undercut our semipermanent favorite cut price set the Plantronics beat work. in fact a cut price is simply a cut price if the headphones really work, and other than one or two of annoying quirks the JBL Endurance Jump we have a tendency to tested delivered.

Those annoying quirks ar most concerning the Powerhook on the headphones. one thing that hooks over the ear continually helps with the work, however here they type a part of the mechanism to show the headphones on and off. The ear-hook magnetically attaches to the headphones and after they ar separated the headphones activate. You work them along once more to show the Jump headphones off.


JBL Endurance Jump Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

JBL Endurance Jump Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

At first, this sounds like a resourceful very little gimmick. It doesn’t appear all that helpful Associate in Nursing innovation, but fine. However, it loses its charm terribly quickly once the ear-hook separates from the earphone in your bag and mechanically connects to your phone (try taking a decision wherever the audio goes into a group of headphones in your bag). And it’s nearly equally annoying after you pull out one earphone for a second and also the ear-hook connects to show them off.

Fortunately this Powerhook is that the main distinction between the Jump and Sprint headphones within the JBL vary, therefore choose the Sprint instead, saving yourself £25 and many of futile rage as you urgently seek out headphones in your bag so as to listen to what the one that referred to as you is expression Sprint features a magnetic fasten on the headphones, however it doesn’t flip them on and off, that you are doing by holding a finger on a touch-sensitive panel for 3 seconds.

The Sprint, Jump and Dive headphones all supply identical sound quality, that is respectable considering the worth. The bass isn’t particularly powerful, and music gets slightly tinny and harsh at higher volumes, however it’s pretty much as good as something I’ve detected on headphones round the £50-£80 mark.

You can improve the sound quality, particularly the bass, by twisting the inner bud deep into your ear. The ear-hook ensures they don’t budge throughout strenuous exercise and also the neckband sits on the brink of your skin therefore it doesn’t flap around and pull the earbuds loose. It’s additionally higher to not twist the buds right in therefore you’ll retain some awareness of the planet around you once elbow grease outdoors.

  • The headphones ar controlled by sound or swiping on the panel that the buds and hooks attach to. I found this touchpad to be slightly hit and miss, typically pausing music after I wished to skip a track, and swiping up and right down to increase and scale back volume was a small amount of a faff.

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