Nefario saves the girls by using the antidote on Kevin and he later brings the three girls with him to save Gru. Played straight with the minions, though. Edith and Margo express their disappointment in Gru, online while Agnes still clings to the hope that he'll come back for them.

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Despicable me 2 gru online dating

Agnes, like her sisters, wished to be adopted by someone who cared about her. The supervillain agrees, but only because, having used them to get the shrink ray, he has no further use for them. She and Margo immediately go after Agnes on their bikes. She is the main reason Gru begins to change his ways, her unconditional adoration of him regardless of how he treats her makes him realise what life is really about. He's wrong about Antonio being involved, but not about Eduardo.

When sleeping, she wears pink pyjamas. Returning home, Agnes, Margo, and Edith then play around some more and freeze Gru while he has a video conference with Mr. Gru swore to free the girls and punish Vector as the girls were impressed by this declaration. May be justified as the speed at which they take effect may mean that skin contact can still work. But then the ice cream truck holds out a popsicle in front, which he licks, gets stuck to it, and is captured that way.

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Gru is forced to ride a roller coaster with the girls. Edith is then amazed by Agnes and her new bike when comes out of the garage, before they continue riding down the road, the girls finally make it to the ice cream truck and the driver stops for them. Gru teams up with secret agent Lucy Wilde Kristen Wiig to track down a villain attempting to destroy the world. Gru himself then sustains some later on when he tries to break into the secret lair of El Macho near the end of the film. He then makes repeat appearances throughout the film, with it still there even after being mutated, and at the wedding.

  1. This likely explains why, of the girls, she is the biggest Shipper on Deck for Gru and Lucy after they meet her.
  2. Eh, too small time for them.
  3. But Dr Nefario saves them by giving Kevin the antidote, Agnes recognizes Kevin after he turns back to normal.

Their life and relationship with Gru begins rather shakily. When they're leaving, Agnes runs back, because she almost forgot to give Gru a hug. The girls are rescued by Gru. Gru tells the girls that he has got a new job and is going to save the world.

Gru leaves the girls with Dave and Stuart who are still at the house to go save Lucy. Agnes screaming loudly to save her unicorn form the deranged mutated Minion. Nefario dances with Gru's mother in much the same way. Luckily, Lucy was ready to stop that from happening.

When Gru begins to become more of a parental figure to the girls, her trust in him deepens more. Agnes recites the poem again at the end at the wedding, and does it much better because now she does have a mother. When Edith comes up from the water with several coins, Agnes is worried that that is stealing. Agnes, along with Margo and Edith, practices for her Swan Lake ballet recital. Gru, desperate, journalists dating politicians dresses up like Gruzinkerbell.

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Kevin puts the unicorn's leg in his mouth, ready to eat it, but Agnes had started to scream so high that shatters Kevin's goggles and causes a marble statue of Gru's mother to explode. She also demands Gru fixes her disintegrated toy unicorn, and when she is upset at being mocked by the amusement park game-booth attendant, she looks to Gru with teary eyes for support. When they have teased Gru about his budding relationship with Lucy, Gru tells them to go and have fun, though Agnes reminds them to give him a big hug first.

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Despicable me 2 gru online dating

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She appears in the Despicable Me series. When Edith finishes drawing she ask Gru when he is going out on his date and if he is scared of dating. During the party Edith overhears the conversation between Gru and their neighbor Jillian about how Gru should try dating one of her friends. Agnes leaves believing he is an actual recorded message.

Despicable me 2 gru online dating

Despicable me 2 dating scene

  • Gru sees the girls as pawns in an evil scheme, while Edith and Margo see Gru as some creepy bald guy.
  • Gru wants her to try one more time but less like a zombie, though Agnes just does the same thing over again.
  • Now picture that it's not a stranger at all, but one of your Brainwashed and Crazy buddies.
  • And right before leaving, he kisses all three of them good night, until her eyebrows is now seen, when Gru kiss her head and she smiles.
  • She shares many traits with Gru, being very destructive, tomboyish and sports a macabre sense of humor.

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She decides to bail out of the plane so she can be with him. Off Dave is an important person who is kind, distressing, and doing, but sometimes song-prone. He's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Agnes, Margo, speed dating and Edith continue to practice for their ballet recital.

The game is rigged however, which causes her adoptive father to blow up the stand and she wins her unicorn. With the gadgets and the weapons and cool car! Agnes loves the pancakes and it makes her full after she eats it all. Margo giggles nervously when Antonio sweeps her off her feet on their first meeting. Luckily Gru had the freeze ray with which to release his Papa Wolf.

Gru, while a good guy, and kind to his daughters and those he cares for, retains a healthy amount of his villainous pragmatism. Played way with the minions, though. Upon seeing all of Gru's weapons and torture devices, her dark, destructive nature is shown when she nonchalantly walks into an iron maiden and starts playing with Gru's dangerous weapons in his lab. But Gru says she doesn't need a mother to do the show and that she can use her imagination and pretend she has a mother.

Immediately following the bombing, gunmen attacked the convoy with small arms fire. It turned out that Antonio was a player. Gru, in a surprising show of fatherhood, dating tips for teenage literally gives Vector the moon in return for his girls. In the morning Agnes and Margo are playing a fairy princess game when they hear something outside.

Justin Sharratt be hit of these men. Gru then grabs his daughters and raced back home, where he informs them that he had confirmed that Eduardo was actually El Macho. She often looks worried if Margo walks off ahead of her and runs after Margo, not wanting to be left behind. The next day Agnes go the mall with her sisters to visit Gru at work. This is a strategy that often succeeds within the medium.

On their way home, the girls convince Gru to take them to an amusement park, where the two groups begin to warm up to each other. To me, that is the definition of a super couple. When everybody starts dancing at the wedding, she grabs Edith and screaming that she is so happy. Agnes is happy that she is right but she asks Gru if there is something she can do to make Lucy and Gru together. Gru mentions of how he doesn't trust Antonio when the former tries to convince Silas to arrest the latter.

In a subversion of the trope, it's actually Dr. He does, in more ways than one, when almost all of the Minions are mutated by the serum, he and the girls turn them back to normal before they can be launched at the world's major cities. Edith is seen on her bike with Margo and Agnes when they hear an ice cream truck in the distance and says that she gonna got a double dip. That is, up until Gru follows Eduardo and discovers he is indeed El Macho.

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Agnes has a huge love of candy, wishing her new parents to have a gummy bear house, and happily eats out of the pet food bowl Gru filled with candy. In the evening when Gru is trying to get the girls to bed Agnes reminds him that he promised to help her to practise for her part of the mother's day show. Gru then tells Agnes that she was right about his feeling towards Lucy and that she is moving away. She imagines Gru's face in a magazine and in several of her fellow passengers on the plane to Australia before snapping back to reality.

She is unaware of Gru's own dislike of the whole adoption, her innocence prevailing. Gru's rules includes that Agnes has to go easy on the churros. Basically Gru causes this by accident to another man while he was looking at his and Lucy's next suspect. At first, Agnes is only one out of the three sisters to be excited to be adopted by Gru.

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